Quick Night Time Snack

887513_10151556225156289_1258631626_oI got home tonight after my first night of drivers training at Training Wheels.  Unfortunately the night was cut short due to the random terrible weather. We finished at 7:00 instead of 9:00 .

When I got home I was starving and craving something sweet after all that learning. 8 hours of school and 3 hours of drivers ed, I was exhausted. I didn’t have ice cream around my house unfortunately because I would have ate that for sure.

I started out with a peeled banana and some strawberry’s  then i put some Nutella and peanut butter in a container and microwaved it for a minute.  I poured the mix on top of the fruit , then put some cashews on top with some sprinkled and a few jelly beans.

The end result was delicious, not exactly healthy even though it did have fruit,  it’s still diabetes on a plate hahaha

This was a great way to end a stressful day and it made the night great.

Try it out or let me know creative ideas you come up with.  Tell me what you are thinking  in the comments 🙂 Thanks for reading 


Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Currently working through life separated from her husband and finding herself, Trina loves concert photography, hanging out with her single and married besties, and cooking. Stay tuned!

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