Super Bowl Commercials Dominate Social Media Last Night


The Super Bowl. The biggest day of the year where advertisers hand over their wallets to create a compelling 30-second ad for the millions of viewers world-wide.

It’s amazing how many advertisers came out in full force to promote their product via Facebook and Twitter. Oreo was the biggest hit of the social media world when their creative pro-active graphic’s team  posted a “You can still dunk in the dark” ad when the lights went out in the stadium.  The amount of sharing and retweets of advertiser hits and misses dominated the feeds.

I have been watching many of them this morning and created a list of some of the best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials.  My personal favorites were Samsung, Taco Bell, and M&M’s.

Give them a look over and share your favorite Super Bowl commercial with us!


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