861954_10200641396698357_620327476_aSo Jordan and I have just left Toronto a few minutes ago after waiting an hour in our seats! We are now heading to Montreal!

We’re just playing laptop games and watching movies.  We’re very comfortable! Lots of leg room and large seats!  The great thing I like the most about this trip is that we can keep connected since VIA offers Free WiFi!

Also riding the train is an easy way to travel!  No stopping for gas or no uncomfortable car seats with barely any leg room. VIA Rail offers comfortable and adjustable seats in their economy section!

I’m very much enjoying our trip so far! Especially when we passed Oshawa, Ontario as the lake was very pretty! One thing that is really cool about VIA ticket system is when the attendant is checking your tickets he has a scanner which means you can show your ticket from your Smartphone, a piece of paper that you printed out at home OR their own tickets. My mind is actually blown.


We’re having a lovely trip aboard the VIA rails! See you in Montreal we go!

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