Photo MC Costisella
Photo: Jordan Laidlaw
Photo: Jordan Laidlaw

We have arrived in Gaspe yesterday at 11:40 am. We had a wonderful trip down and we both will be writing our experience in a few days since we are enjoying our time with my family.

There isn’t much to tell about our day yesterday as after our arrival, we went to my aunt’s restaurant called “Chez Ron’s” and went home to relax.

So far, Jordan is enjoying the beauty of Gaspe, but we’re both really tired from our 27-hour trip.  We were given a cabin from Montreal-Gaspe, we slept well, but we were both so tired last night that we went to bed at 8 pm.

Today we plan to go tubing at Mont Bechervaise.  It’s only across the river from where we are!

After we are done tubing we plan to go to my other grandma’s house for supper!   We are very excited or as Jordan would say we are very “exited”!

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