862000_10200672428234126_740166626_nDo you remember a time where we didn’t have digital cameras or digital recording devices?   The time where we all had to go to the nearest printing shop and pay the outrageous price of turning your film into photographs? I can honestly say that I barely remember those times where I did not have digital cameras or recording cameras.

Anyway, I spent the night watching old home videos on the old VHS player.  I realized while watching the video tapes just how many memories I have of Gaspe, and how I’m not looking forward to leaving.  I forgot how much Gaspe means to me.

I forgot about the many times when I couldn’t wait to see what Nanny and Pappy had planned for us, the dinner plates I ran up to my great grandmother’s house (her house is above my grandparent’s house), and I forgot how my grandparents made a wonderland out of their HUGE backyard every summer. My brother and I were so young, we depended on Nanny and Pappy for everything during our visits.

I forgot about the times where we went four wheel driving with my grandfather, the times where Abbie (Grandmother’s dog) jumped on me because she just wanted to say hello, the times where I spent all night excited to FINALLY arrive in Gaspe, passing Sunny Bank, and arriving to say hello to my Nanny Margaret before we made our way down to my Nanny and Pappy’s house.

803279_10200672338951894_756194115_nI laughed many times tonight while watching the videos but, like I said previously, the video tapes made me realize how Gaspe is my home!

The video that really stood out to me  was a video that pretty much was a timeline of my brother Brandon’s life from birth(November 1 1996) to 8 months. Within 8 months, the video showed my brother who was obviously born, him moving into the house, him playing baby Jesus, his first Christmas, his first New Years, when we both moved to Ontario in April of 1997, and the VERY first time Brandon and I went to visit Nanny and Pappy without Mom and Dad.

Our first trip to Gaspe was when he was 8 months old. I thought to myself, “Wow Nanny and Pappy must have REALLY loved and missed us to put up with a 8-month baby for 2 months”. My Mom and Dad encouraged us to get to know our family by coming down in the Summer.  We spent many, many summers up here in Gaspe and it makes me very sad to think back to the summers where we didn’t come visit.

861562_10200672552877242_1714686267_nBrandon spent every summer up here since the YEAR he was born. Brandon loves coming up here and now I really understand why.

I can’t believe how time flies. It truly scares me. While watching the videos I noticed many people who are no longer with us, realized how much we take for granted and that we should truly cherish the moment we have with our family.

It saddens me to realize that not many kids get to have the special bond like I do with all 3 of my grandparents. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by many great people in my life. I will never forget the memories I’ve made with my amazing family down here in Gaspe.

I still can’t believe how the time has passed by. My baby brother is no longer a baby.  I don’t know how many years it has been since I spent a full month in Gaspe but it truly upsets me to just spend a week here.



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