Working in the online world is a funny industry…..actually the window and door industry can be pretty damn funny too.   I’ve met some pretty shady people in the SEO department, met with website designers where I have poke awake to respond to my clients, and blogging……while most bloggers are fantastic, I’ve witnessed my share of bloggers who want the last word and take off the boxing gloves to get an endorsement for their opinions.

It’s all good though when you live by the motto to “Keep Calm And Carry On.”

Online Relationships

I can honestly say that I try my best to get along with everyone who I come into contact with.  Those who don’t float my boat, I just stay away from and refrain from acknowledging them no matter how influential they are.   Same goes with blog posts, I will not condone any form of bullying.  Bullying is a sin and the minute you resort to name calling about a specific group of individuals, you may as well flop yourself in the time-out chair and think about it.

The beautiful thing about this world is every individual is different.  Different thoughts, different opinions, and different ways of reacting to situations.  I for one tend to take a “stand back and let it ride approach” unless it gets down right ugly.   I know many who don’t voice their opinions in fear of being ridiculed or de-listed.  If a PR company doesn’t enjoy my honesty and good nature, then I honestly don’t want to work with their brands.

Bottom line, co-existing is fun and challenging.  We do it with our siblings, our mates, our co-workers and even our teenage children.  Is it possible to co-exist in this online world and be friendly instead of bashing one another?  Is it necessary to leave anonymous comments on blogs or write horrible blog posts that centers a certain group of online individuals?  Hell no!

If one has to nit pick at everything being said, it does not make for a fun environment to work and play in.  It also can’t be good for their personal mental health and well being either. As a online marketer, it definitely makes me think twice before I refer my clients to certain individuals when some of them could come in handy right about now.

Honestly, what would life be like if we were all the same?………agree to disagree…nicely.

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