peoplehell-and-AngelsJust finished listening to Jimi Hendrix’s freshly released album and it was great. The album features 12 never released studio recording. What makes the album so unique is it shows Jimi working outside the original Jimi Hendrix Experience Trio.

I believe Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest influences and is still the greatest electric guitar player there has ever been. He was truly a gifted individual and I believe this album shows that. You can really tell what he is feeling through the unique and difficult guitar riffs he plays so well.

The 12 songs on the Album are..

1.Earth Blues
3.Hear My Train A Comin’
4.Bleeding Heart
5.Let Me Move You
7.Easy Blues
8.Crash Landing
9.Inside Out
10.Hey Gypsy Boy
11.Mojo Man
12.Villanova Junction Blues

My favorite song from the album is 11.Mojo Man as it is an upbeat song with lyrics. It appeals to a larger crowd. Over all, the songs have great sound quality and the guitar is top notch. A definite must have for any classic rock enthusiast.

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