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Today I want to speak about something that is serious and that is my education. School has been part of my daily routine since the age of 4.

Recently (this semester) I became a part time high school student and also a part time e-learning student. I’m taking Drama and History in class at my local high school but I’m also doing my grade 12 English and grade 12 math online.

I actually have mixed feelings about e-learning courses because of the outlines I’ve been given.I want to give my readers my perspective on the E-learning courses and since Math and English are two different subjects with two different concepts, I think I’ve grasped enough of both to understand what most e-learning courses are like.

Online Math 


  • Less work
  • Takes less time to do online

I can honestly say taking online math was the worst decision I’ve ever made. Unfortunately, all the math classes were filled and I wasn’t able to get into a class so the school had to put me in the E-learning course.


  • Hard to show your work
  • Easy to fail
  • Due dates
  • Understanding projects or assignments
  • Confusing outlines
  • Hard to work on work sheets on excel
  • Not enough information
  • Don’t have certain programs (i.e Excel) on my computer so my work is always late.

With Math e-learning success or failure is dependant on how well you know your computer and on the programs you need (Excel). Now, once upon a time I was a wise at Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and all of the other Microsoft programs, but now I forget how to use all of them! Which in this case sucks!

Online English 
I can honestly say I love my online English. I like that I’m constantly writing. Writing distracts me from my issues so I usually use writing as an outlet. What’s also great about online English is that the teacher will right away tell you what’s wrong with your essay or what you can do to better your mark.


  • Easy work
  • Fun to do
  • Easy to understand
  • Quick responses

The work is right in front of you and you have the instructions with the assignment so it’s easy to do and understand. If you don’t understand you can e-mail your teacher and he/she will explain it better.


  • Sometimes it takes a period or two for the teacher to respond back to you
  • Sometimes your personality comes through your writing and since you don’t have that connection sometimes it’s hard for the teacher to understand you.

Online English is very easy to understand and also fun to do! I find it’s way easier than Math but that could just be me.

Overall Opinion
E-learning isn’t for everyone but in my case it depends on what course you take. Next year, I will be doing all my courses online so I can improve my marks and work full time so I can save money for College. I think this is the best decision for me.

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