stress-reduction-business1Growing a business isn’t an easy task.  It takes courage, resilience, and an exorbitant amount time promoting and marketing.  My business is that of an online marketing consultant.  I provide a strategy above and beyond the realms of social media.

It’s funny because I started off being exclusively social media and quickly realized that with a lower than average website and no SEO, it will take  a full-time employee to realize the advantages of social media.    I remember how hard it was for me to gain a following.  It took years……not days, but years.   But that’s another topic that deserves its own blog post.

As I was saying, growing your business along with a copious amount of stress has been a challenge.   I have come to realize that every personal situation has to run its course and I as a Mother must deal with it.  (However, in the midst of it all I thought I was going a little crazy.)

I need to keep my family afloat and I’m loving this journey of entrepreneurship.   I feel like I have found my destiny.  The one tip that I can give to anyone starting a new business is to have confidence in your decision and to know your value.  Never under value yourself because if you do, they will under value you!

I have found enough confidence to cut all ties with the one person who I depended on for income for the past few years.  That itself was a victory as I felt that I was always judged harshly and immensely under valued.

So overall, despite it being a terrible, horrible, very bad month, there has been some silver linings in between.    I have been able to smile, throw a joke, and be happy somewhere within the clouds.   Just because things aren’t going as planned doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.

Next Steps: Find a reliable team because there are big things coming.




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