This is a continuance to my eight-week journey of pure hell on earth.  There was no thinking straight, my business suffered, and all I could do was think of her and her well being.

There comes a time where we have to decide what type of friend we want in our life.  Myself, I want an non-judgemental party rocking girlfriend who will support me in my adventures and perhaps join in the fun. Although I’m always there to lend an ear to my friends, I don’t want a friend who speaks negatively about their spouse every time we sit for coffee.    I want joy. That is the perfect definition of a friend – Joy (and sometimes mischief).

The suffering that my daughter went through was powerful.  I had her to the doctors.  She argued constantly with her boyfriend.  She challenged every piece of advice given with a negative response. I had just about enough.  This whole incident has kept her away from school for the past eight weeks.  When she did attempt to go to school, she’d return home after something took place.  Yes, even in Grade 12, they stick their fingers up at you as you walk by and basically punish you for being in a public place.  Not cool.

Now….I am wise enough to know that it takes two to tango.   Sometimes we make mistakes and yet we are too scared to confront them.  Perhaps this is the reason why?  Perhaps……God knows the full story.  All I know is that what I do know has sent me a little bit insane.  There is no line between being an independent woman and being a mother when this happens.  Your focus is on her.

So what happened you ask?  Well my husband saw my despair and tried to deal with the matter at hand.  He advised her to make it stop, she had to use her voice and possibly her fists.  GOOD GOD.

She used her voice in the end………but I think if given the chance she may have followed her father’s advice as he so rarely gives it.  But his advice did give her the guts to try and put it behind her.  Let’s hope it’s behind her…… far, I’m seeing a tiny bit of progress.

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