George Jones, aka ‘Possum’ or ‘No Show Jones’, has passed away at 81.  He was a down to earth country singer who sang about good times and regrets for over seven decades.

From a poor upbringing to conquering alcohol and drug abuse, George Jones had his share of troubles during his rise to fame. Yet, through it all, the music industry always looked up to him because of his golden unique voice.

“The greatest voice to ever grace country music will never die,” Garth Brooks said to The Associated Press. “Jones has a place in every heart that ever loved any kind of music.”

Jones died Friday at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.  According to his publicist he was hospitalized fever and irregular blood pressure.

Jones was ending his seven decade with a Grand Farewell Tour.  A concert in Nashville on November 22nd with Keith Richards, Cyndi Lauper, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, Kenny Rogers and others was scheduled to play alongside of him.

I think we all can remember listening to a George Jones song and connecting with the words that he so honestly sang.  There will never be another quite like him.

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