Rihanna is back for round 2 in Canada with her Diamond World Tour. Rihanna put on an amazing show in Ottawa, Ontario last night singing new and old melodies that kept the crowd engaged and singing along.

With opening act A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s Diamond tour was a success! Both Rihanna and Rocky made the stage “their bitch” as Rihanna would say. Very well done, stage performance and lighting performance.

A$AP Rocky had alot of energy while on stage. He engaged the crowd and made very good use of the stage and lighting. Most of the lighting was purple I noticed and the use of the lasers were awesome! They were very fun and energetic guys who (as I quote) live for “Pussy, Money and Weed”. Classy fellows… One song that I was very impressed with and that they did very well was ‘Joyde’ I was afraid of what I was seeing on the television and the lighting didn’t help!  It was awesome and it made a huge impact on what I thought of A$AP Rocky.  I usually never like the opening acts but A$AP Rocky put on one hell of a show.

Rihanna-dancerAct 1 
Rihanna opened up gracefully with ‘Mother Mary’ following her first song on her new album ‘Phresh off the Runway.’ Rihanna opened the show in a black dress, then once the tempo changed, she quickly stripped down into something she was more comfortable with (well for herself at least). Rihanna made a few more outfit changes during the first act. ‘Birthday Cake, Talk That Talk, Pour it up, Cockiness and Numb completed the act. I never realized how sexual Rihanna was until she started singing birthday cake. I’ve never heard a women talk about liking sex that much. I was very shocked at that and the way she was pelvic thrusting, well.. I was glad I wasn’t sitting beside my dad.

Act 2
The stage turned into a jail cell and Rihanna came in with very long boots (at first I thought they were pants).  She was also dawning a very long see through t-shirt. She sang man down. The use of the lighting were unreal, the stage literally looked like it was a jail cell with the usage of lighting. I was extremely impressed with the use of the televisions all around the stage that displayed a mug shot of Rihanna and her real name. She closed the act with  ‘You Da One’, ‘What’s my Name’ and ‘Rude Boy’.

Act 3
Rihanna left the stage to do a quick outfit changed and came back with a very hot high wasted multi-colored leather pants and a leather bralette the same color as her pants. She sang ‘Jump’, ‘Umbrella’, ‘All of the lights’, ‘Rockstar 101’ and ‘What Now’. This set was my favorite because there was FIRE involved! It was so awesome, the use of lighting and fire was so artistic.

Rihanna-Ottawa-OntarioAct 4
Act three opened with Rihanna wearing a beautiful red halter and a red wrap around skirt in between revolving red lights. She then sang loveeeeee song then turned into a medley type thing with the songs ‘Love the way you lie’, Take a Bow’ , ‘Cold case love’ and of course, ‘I hate that I love you’.

She looked elegant and sang beautifully.

Act 5
Rihanna was very sparkly in this set. She came out with a silver lapel and a silver dress underneath. What was so awesome about this set was that she went into the audience. She went up the stairs too! It was great! She sang ‘We Found Love’, ‘S&M’, ‘Only Girl’, ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ and ‘Where Have You Been’.


Obviously, Rihanna saved the best for last.  She sang her new songs ‘Stay’ and ‘Diamond’. She was in a sparkly black romper and sang both songs beautifully. She sang under a spotlight while performing ‘Stay’ and opened up a bit more for ‘Diamond’. She promised the audience that she’ll be back in Ottawa!

Rihanna is definitely someone you would want to see on your bucket list. This concert was well worth the 7 HOUR drive and I would recommend anyone to buy a ticket if they have the chance to see it!

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