This is my Prom Dress, yes I know it looks like a wedding dress but I thought it was elegant and classy.
I also like how it makes my body look tiny.
I know this isn’t your usual prom dress. Most prom dresses are colorful and funky but I love being different and wearing white to prom is different!
Prom doesn’t mean you have to dress a certain way or wear a certain kind of dress. I like to look elegant and try to make it work! Now everyone elses dress are more of a ballroom/princess style dress. All of them are colorful and well very nice but because they’re all the same style many girls got the same dress or similar ! I like mine because 1) No one will find it 2) No one wears just white to prom (besides me of course) I’ll be very shocked if someone does wear just white to prom.

I love my jewelry because it matches my dress perfect also it’s a wire necklace and earring so you can make it lay perfectly! I love them! I think my jewelry makes my dress more “prom looking”.

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