First dates are the best dates! Plus if your in a long term relationship they are usually the most memorable dates! Here are a few tips on what not to do on a first date.
Movie Dates: How can you get to know someone while watching a movie? I find it absolutely ridiculous to go to the movies on a first date. Movies are for people who are together and know each other and don’t really need to talk, families and friends. NOT A FIRST DATE!! First dates should be at a restaurant, park, hanging out or ANYWHERES beside the movies! Movies are just awkward too… Enough said.

Don’t Bring A Friend: Dates are for two people not three or more. Never invite a friend on a date it shows the person you aren’t interested in them or to nervous to be alone! Also who ever wants to be the third wheel? That’s just awkward!

Don’t Text: Its rude to text while your with anyone. You should give someone your full attention to show that you are engaged into the conversation and generally interested in what they are saying. Having your phone out ignoring your date shows that there is someone or something far more interesting on your phone.

Don’t Kiss: Kissing on a first date is bad luck plus it makes you look easy to get with. Plus it’s very tacky because this is your first time with that person! If the first date goes well i’m sure there will be other dates for kissing.

Don’t Lie: Don’t lie on a date, it shows your weak and nervous and some day they will find out the truth and base your relationship on a lie.

Don’t Talk About Exes: Don’t talk about your ex it shows that you miss them and clearly not over them. It’ll make your date feel nervous and make them feel like they’re the rebound. Also don’t talk about things you’ve done with your exes it may make your date really uncomfortable.

Don’t Get Personal: On a first date no body wants to listen to your problems or “your story”. Conversations on a first date should be simple and flirtatious.

Separate Bills:  Pay for yourself on the first date unless the other person says they’d pay for it. You shouldn’t be in an awkward situation on the first date!

I think that’s all for now for rules!

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