New Album Cover

I’m a huge fan of Paramore! I love them and there is no doubt about it.
Paramore released their new CD “Paramore, Paramore” on April 9th 2013.
I recently purchased the new CD since I am a huge fan of Paramore.
I found the songs on the CD were different to Paramores other CD’s. I think it’s an awesome change. The songs are very catchy and to be honest this CD has been one of their best CD’s yet.
I also love Heyley’s new style! It’s such a great change.

This album is a lot of fun including the interludes. I love the interludes because they are short, catchy and is done with the ukulele!
I recommend everyone check out their new album and one of their best songs on the sound track!!

Paramore “Now”

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