The Mountain Shirts Review and Giveaway

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I received my shirts from The Mountain today and was not disappointed, I am the kind of guy that likes unique clothing that stands out and these do not disappoint. I picked out three of my favourite shirts from their website , I was amazed at the huge selection of designs all them are unique and would stand out in a crowd. The artwork on the shirts is amazing and i love all the big faced animals. there is many categories to choose from and they are affordable at 20$ for a t-shirt and 30$ for a long sleeve.

What made me interested in The Mountain shirts?

I originally took an interest in the brand because my BMX friends were always wearing these unique shirts and I really wanted to find out where they came from.  After looking into their site I was amazed with how many options the company had I was even showing all my friends at school the amazing options and designs.

886259_10151598767176289_638911368_oWhat I like about the designs …

I like how each shirt has unique artwork on it and the logo is not a standing out focal point on the shirt, you can truly enjoy the shirt.  These will defiantly be my favourite shirts in my closet and i would encourage anyone to get at least one for their wardrobe. I also like the shirts because you can basically advertise nature and I like all things outdoors. The shirts are made of 100% cotton making them soft and comfortable to wear.

Check out their website at they have a well organized website and I loved shopping around.

Hopefully in the near future I will be organizing a giveaway so stay posted! And possibly monthly new releases.

blue bird shirt my favorite of the three


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