Well, prom season is coming up and I’m getting pretty excited. I’ve decided to make a must have list for prom. SO I guess lets get started!

A Prom Dress
Obviously a dress is a must have for prom! A girls dress has to say something about them and their personality and maybe what they want to be like in the future. A prom dress should go with your body type and you must feel comfortable in the dress. You shouldn’t feel upset about your prom dress either!
Now, I find it ridiculous when girls order expensive prom dresses online because
1. Hanging with your friends dress shopping is alot of fun.
2. Shipping is expensive and will add on to the cost of the dress!
3. You don’t know if it’ll fit properly. prom_dress_154
But if your order online this is what you should do. 
1. When you order online you should measure yourself. So I advise you to find a person who knows how to measure! Most prom dresses have a chart stating what sizes the dress comes in but still it’s always best to know.
2. Make sure the site is the real deal because you don’t want anyone stealing your credit card information
3. You have to make sure you really like it! You won’t know if you really really like it until it arrives.
4.Make sure you order it months prior to prom because sometimes the shipping is crazy and might take a while.
5. Make sure that you can return the dress if anything happens because it would suck if it didn’t fit and you couldn’t get a refund.

Having the perfect dress should be accessorized with the perfect jewelry!
It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it doesn’t take away the wow-factor from the dress. Prom dresses should not be over thrown and drowned out by the jewelry. Jewelry in this case must compliment the dress and like I said shouldn’t over wow the dress!
jewelry-setYour jewelry shouldn’t be as expensive as your dress but it still should be as nice and a keep sake of your prom!

Prom Date!
Friends or boyfriend it’s still nice to go with someone! It doesn’t have to a be a boyfriend or girlfriend but it could be your best friend or it could be a random that you casually talk to in the hall way! Or you can take a student from the life skill class I found many amazing stories about a student taking a people from their life skill class to prom!.  images-2
Anyways if you do with a prom date you should match! I think it’s important to match with your prom date because then everyone will know YOU ARE THERE TOGETHER! So the color of your dress should be the color of his tie or vest or whatever! You just have to match! If you don’t have a prom date that’s okay you can go stag with all of your friends! Which is alot of fun and less stress in that case. There is no pressure when you don’t have a prom date to worry about and you don’t have to worry about who’s friends are you sitting with or who’s going in what limo!

I think the Corsage is the most important thing when it comes to prom because they’re beautiful and also it’s a must when ging to prom!! Corsages mean so many things and they’re all so different!

Something that’s really fun is renting a limo for the night. It may be very expensive but atleast it’s fun right? Arriving to the prom destination in style is great. Honestly, who wants to get their mom to drive them to prom in a mini van? I for one says I DO NOT!! I want to arrive in style that’s for sure!

That’s really all for the Prom Must haves for now! Keep an eye out for my prom hair ideas and also the make up ideas! 

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