Silent-treatmentThe silent treatment is one of the best ways of gaining control over someone’s emotions.  By giving the silent treatment, you’re extending the message that the person may have done something wrong and that you feel it’s necessary to torture the shit out of them until you’re ready to speak.

All along the receiver of the silent treatment experiences heightened blood pressure, paranoia, and panic attacks.

A lot individuals, from teens to adult, take great pleasure on giving the silent treatment to their friends and family.  It drives me bananas whether it’s happening to me or to someone else.

This is how my eight (going on nine) week journey began.  My house has been pure hell since the silent treatment.

It started one happy night when my daughter came home bawling her head off because someone was giving her the silent treatment and had no clue what she did to deserve it.

I think everyone knows how I feel about bullying.   I firmly believe that the people we befriend and love can be the biggest bullies we have in our lives if we don’t know how to love and value ourselves.   No matter who it is, bullying and the silent treatment is unacceptable.

My response, “Step up to the plate and stand up for yourself.”

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