Oh Dear.  Having a teen daughter who received her license this past December has been a ride.   The journey of seeing her get behind the wheel for the first time,  taking driver’s education, arguing the “right” way of driving with her father, and passing her driver’s test  has been a surreal experience as a Mother.

Then it begins……..you may think they are adults, but according to my pediatrician, the common sense part of the brain only starts developing at 17 years of age and it takes about five years to fully develop.  Therefore, it is very important to take the necessary precautions that they remain calm in all situations and know what to do.  This is why a CAA Membership can be a blessing for your teenager.

Why New Drivers Should Have A CAA Membership

We have all heard the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On”.  CAA offers the peace of mind that whatever happens on the road can be solved with a quick phone call to one of their CAA representatives.  The 24/7 Roadside Assistance offers:

  • Tow Service
  • Gas Delivery
  • Battery Boost
  • Locked Door Service (yes, this has happened already)
  • Flat Tire Service

CAA also offers savings and rewards to its members and they have some fabulous partners that they work with.  This is a bonus advantage for having a CAA membership for any teenager as they start building their savings.

We all want to see our children grow up as independent self-confident individuals, but a little help while they are behind the wheel give both you and them some peace of mind that help is always a phone call away.  A CAA membership does just that!

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