alcoholAlthough under age drinking is illegal, face it parents, it happens!   I am only 18, but I confess that I have had a few drinking experiences.  My biggest concern are those kids who over drink and abuse alcohol as soon as they get their hands on it.  Yes, your kids!

In health class they teach you a lot about the danger of drugs and alcohol. However, I don’t think they focus enough on how dangerous alcohol really is.  Most teens when they start drinking it’s with friends to have fun and make memories with each other ..but they need to realize just because its legal doesn’t make it safe. It’s still poison!

I watched a video today that got me thinking of the bad example Youtube, TV and movies give us about getting drunk. They make it seem like a competition for who can drink more.  This is the video..

The Video show a man drinking an entire bottle of Absolute Vodka as fast as possible.

Drinking like this is just asking for alcohol poisoning, There is also a HUGE risk of death or seriously hurting yourself; Alcohol poisoning.

Not that I recommend teen drinking but if your going to start, learn to pace yourself and help a friend.  I have been to a few parties and there has been at least one teen with alcohol poisoning.  People start to make stupid decisions that they wouldn’t do sober in order to try to impress someone.  The one thing that really bothers me is when people make a joke of someone being sick.  I was at one party where a girl had way too much to drink and I found her in the backyard in the freezing cold throwing up laying on her back. Her so called “friends” stood around her laughing at it and taking pictures on their phones.  Being the good person I am, I got her up and brought her back inside to where it was warm. I’d hate to be one of those people who did nothing and someone ended up in the hospital.  So I got her warm, got her a bucket to be sick in, and gave her water to drink to get the alcohol out of her system.  When I left she was looking a little better and I felt good being the only one to help her out.

Basically, what I am saying is think while you drink. Pace yourself and have a good time. If you see someone not feeling well help them, don’t make a mockery of them.  I personally haven’t had alcohol poisoning yet and I don’t plan on it. Prom after party is coming up soon and I hope everyone has a good night and drinks safely 🙂

Let me know your thoughts thanks 🙂

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