It seems I have been cursed with a mullet that doesn’t grow. I HATE MY HAIR!!
This is the story of how I was cursed with short hair.When I was 7, I never liked being neat and tidy and do my hair nice like the other girls, so my mother had dragged me into the hair dressers and she got a women to cut my hair short. When I got out of the hair dressers chair I looked at the mirror then I started to cry I looked like a boy!!
The women had cut my hair to short!! My mother didn’t think she would cut it short like that… Since then I ALWAYS wanted to grow long beautiful hair, I wanted it so long so it could touch the floor but it never seemed to grow… I always wanted to have hair like the princesses or celebrities I saw on television. I felt if I had long hair I could be a princess or maybe someone important but I knew that was never going to happen.
I was always such a happy kid but the kids in my classes always put me down; they called me names and said I was a he/she and so much more they made me feel like I couldn’t be good enough or be pretty enough to do anything .
I was never a girly girl so that’s why I didn’t have many close girl friends… I always dressed the way I wanted to and I loved to pretend to be famous or someone else.
I loved dressing up putting make up on and wigs and just being happy, NOTHING could bother me when I was pretending.
In grade 4 I started gymnastics I LOVE going to the gym and doing shows and dressing up, I did gymnastics for 3 years.
Grade 6 I quit gymnastics because everyone said that gymnastics are for losers. The cool thing was cheerleading. SO I tried to join cheerleading it just wasn’t the same as gymnastics. I dropped everything and went into modeling. It was a good way to bring out my creativity, my mom thought. I did modeling for about 3 years and I got fed up with all the fake preppy girls, I quitted. I always felt like I was never good enough to do anything. I always had low esteem and I still do…Well I think I went a little off topic….

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