I loved board games when I was a wee little squirt. I remember being excited for family game night because we got to eat junk food while playing an awesome game!
I loved having family game nights and playing and getting along with my family and I still do! I love having those bonding moments and playing board games but it’s not the same anymore. Maybe it’s because my brother is a 16 year old grumpy boy or maybe it’s because someone is always busy or looking at their phone or hell maybe we don’t agree on the game.
My biggest problem is; I HATE BORING GAMES like monopoly,chess and other games that have to deal with working with money or skill building kind of games. I think games are supposed to be imaginative and fun!I’m the kind of person who plays Candyland, Pay day, Life (even though those two games involve money it’s still fun), Charades and Cranium. Obviously, you can see i’m still a kid at heart!

I want to know what was your favorite game as a child?
Did your family have family game nights and what did you play?

My favorite game had to be Candyland, Life, Charades and Payday!

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