I love Miley Cyrus, she’s friggin’ awesome. BUT I hate it when people say or think that she’s going down the same road as Britney Spears. Simple fact SHE’S NOT.

People expect Miley Cyrus to be Hannah Montana and the “good Disney girl” forever. No wonder why she cut off all of her hair, got tattoos, and talks about alcohol/drugs and twerking in her songs. SHE isn’t 17 anymore she’s an adult so she wants to be seen as one.

Same with Selena Gomez, her fans parents weren’t please to see their kids favorite Disney star as a drug dealing, spring breaker.  No one can simply get over the fact that Disney doesn’t control them anymore. They can do whatever they want. Let’s face it they’ll always be celebrities because of the characters they once played.

It truly upsets me that alot of people who used to love Miley Cyrus simply hate her now. It’s not her fault that she doesn’t want to be seen as Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart anymore. Hannah Montana was a character that she played well and Disney controlled her every look. When she was Hannah Montana she couldn’t have visible tattoos or short hair simply because that wasn’t the character she was portraying. The character was portraying a teenager/pop star who was very girly and had no sex appeal.

What got me so offended was the SWORM of hate tweets after Miley Cyrus’s risky/sexual performance at the VMA.

I personally thought it was funny and sexual and I LOVED IT. There is a reason why it’s an unrated show and why there is always a parental warning before the show comes back from commercials.

After last nights performance I’m more than excited to hear Miley’s up-coming album.

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