Gaspe Quebec Seal CoveDuring our first two-week vacation in over 17 years, I had a lot of time to think and reflect.  I put my laptop in my briefcase and didn’t bring it out until my husband asked to play one of his Facebook games.  I took a blog and work break.   As much as I may have ticked off clients (which ironically I didn’t), taking a step back and breathing is always a good thing.

My 2-week vacation was spent in the beautiful province of Quebec, which was partially sponsored by Tourism Quebec and Quebec Maritime.   In order to completely dive into the experience, I had to log off.  Sure, I shared some Instagram pictures and fed them to Twitter and Facebook, but all in all, it was not the time to write about the experience.   The best of the trip will remain in our memory for years to come.  These are the important aspects to share with my readers……..if it was all about me.

After five years of blogging, I have realized that few people really cares what I wore during my vacation nor do they care what my palette prefers when it comes to culinary options.  I see this so often  in the blogesphere and while I feel it’s narcissistic, it obviously works for them and their readers.

The moral of my vacation rant is that I’ve come to realize that not all bloggers are alike and we have to differentiate ourselves based on our passion and writing style.   After a wonderful break,  I recognize that in this world of PR and Entertainment, it’s a shot in the dark to realize our dreams.   While I still want to dream big, I have decided that it’s time to also back off a bit.   It’s time to refocus and possibly change course for a while.

Until then, please join me as I share with you the thrilling adventures that you can experience, just hours away, in the beautiful province of Quebec.

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