Miley Cyrus raised lots of eyebrows during her performance at last night’s MTV 2013 VMA Awards.   Not only did fans mouths drop, but the reaction of the celebrity crowd said it all.  It was too much!  My daughter wrote her opinion about Miley’s VMA performance and while I always try to respect her opinion, I don’t ALWAYS have to agree with it.

Too hell with the fans!  I think Miley can’t shed the Hannah Montana image herself.  In 2008, the 16-year-old nearly nude photo shoot with Vanity Fair questioned her parent’s integrity while last night, Miley’s integrity was compromised.    I say give it up and grow up Miley.  Be the star you’re meant to be!!

While I completely “get” the need for freedom of expression, I do think she, along with other child artists, has a responsibility to transition properly as their fan base will always include that younger “Disney” audience.

I fully support artists taking a risk but Miley’s was overboard with the twerking (or the bump and grind), the rubbing of her genitals, and the tongue.  I’m thinking Miley’s management team agrees too.

I love Miley’s voice and despite the controversy her new single “We Can’t Stop” is amazing.  It really does reflect on the coming of age and the freedom we once felt as young adults.  I don’t know if she’s lost her way or has depended on sex, drugs and her music to guide her through the troublesome road from child star to rock star.   She’s a mess and I pity more than I condemn.

I really hope that this is a short phase for her as I do believe that she will go down as one of the best pop icons.

What are your thoughts on Miley’s performance last night?  Share your voice in the comments below.

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