Since I was 13 Brendon Urie has always had a weird way into my heart.
I love Panic! At The Disco, they always come out with amazing songs/albums and KILL it every time.
I was very heart broken when I heard Jon and Ryan left the band after Pretty Odd. BUT they did get a new guy named Dallon Weekes who is a MAJOR hottie and makes up for the spilt.

Since I was a HUGE P!ATD fan I had to buy the album on Itunes, I LOVED it. Each song is so different and well it really fits with the albums name which is “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die”.
I can’t wait to catch them on tour next time they swing around Canada.
Brendon Urie who is also well known for his HILARIOUS vines did a AMA today on Reddit and well KILLED the Q&A.
You can check out the Q&A righhhtt HERE
Also, the day of their album released they released a new music video for another song on their album called Girls/Girls/Boys check it out!

Tell me what you think of the song in the comments also you can check out the other two music videos they released before the album.

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