Well suffice to say, the day has come.  The day has come where I feel uncomfortable sitting with a winter coat on.   I feel uncomfortable when I look in the mirror.  I feel uncomfortable just about every waking minute and sometimes when I sleep due to my weight.

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a disorder that is quite common with people who are overweight.   I can honestly say that I’m now used to the machine and yes, my daylight hours have become a little more brighter because of this machine.  It’s just sad though that I got to this point in my life where I feel that the weight has won.  I can’t dance, I’m always stiff and sore, and my quality of life has decreased.

I’m looking into several options to get a kick start on my health.  I will not return to a gym because I simply cannot afford training and I need to start focusing on nutrition and a short walk rather than jumping in full tilt.   More and more, my mind is on gastric bypass, but again, I have never been doctor or surgery friendly.   It’s just so tempting to give in to though………

I have been reviewing Herbal Magic and the benefits of working with one of their weight loss professionals to work towards a livable weight where I am free of diseases related to obesity.    I took the BMI test and it showed that I was had a BMI of 46.   I have reviewed their before and after and it appears that it may be the type of program that is drug-free, safe, and provides the coaching I need to get back on the track of life.  It is also close to home which is a huge benefit to me in the outskirts of Cambridge.  

I’m always so scared to spend the money when I’m really not certain.

Sigh…..I don’t know why some people allow themselves to get in this situation.  I am one of them and I want out.

Please provide your opinions and experiences in the comments below.


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