Well, I’ve made my first official mistake of my adulthood.

I’m rooming with a complete nightmare. First seemed very cool when I first met her but now it’s not so cool. Once we started to get to know each other we just didn’t click at all. I wanted more of a bonding experience but unfortunately it’s impossible when someone doesn’t want to be friends and just want to rule.
Actually, I think world war 3 is happening in my tiny apartment. I now understand why her and her old roommate don’t talk to one another. When we used to get along she told me things her ex-roommate used to do and well she’s redeeming her ex-roommates behaviours quite often.

She constantly has her boyfriend over every night, which is okay because he doesn’t really talk much and if he does, he is friendly. However, as of last month, she doesn’t bother closing the door while they fool around or even when they take a shower, which for me seems like an invitation, however, I figure with our current relationship status I doubt that it is a invitation but just a sign of laziness and control.

Next thing, she’s never home but it always comes to me coming home 20 minutes earlier and she arrives and she assumes all I did that day was watch television and make a mess and use the hydro. I can see how some would be just assume this and how she can easily be mistaken that i’ve been here all day.
However, now I just go straight to my room and out the door. I don’t bother cooking anymore because its funny to see how much she blames me for things. I’ve actually even stop throwing my trash out in her garbages because it’s funny to hear her talk about how many times a week she has to throw out her garbage and it being all my fault.

Next thing that bothers me is that she’s so intimidating when my friends come over. She doesn’t say hello or anything, she just awkwardly does her own thing and complains when we get in her way. My friends don’t even want to come over anymore because she’s so frightening and rude. She doesn’t even say hello to my family. I would think if you see one of the people who  co-signed a lease with you, the lease you could do is say at hi? It’s just odd to see someone be so ruthless and careless…

There is so much more… But I think for my sanity this is enough ranting…

Rule of thumb is if you’re going to room with someone ask for references. Because I later found out a month in i’m rooming with a crazy b*tch and all I can do is listen and laugh.

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