Despite Toronto Police Department’s Chief Bill Blair confirming the existence of a video recording of Mayor Rob Ford smoking what is believed to be crack, his approval rating surprisingly has risen by 5 percent.  How can this be you ask?  I have no clue.  I’ve tried time and time again to figure out this World we currently live in and all I can do is shake my head.

Then, I think of Walter White on Breaking Bad.  While some wanted him to go down in flames, many of us routed for him throughout the five seasons. Why is that?

  • He was a highly educated man who could not afford to pay for his cancer treatments.
  • He was a father who loved his children dearly.
  • He wanted to protect his family through it all.
  • When he started cooking, he became leader.  He was so much more endearing than the underdog that they portrayed him to be in the beginning of the series.

Many of us wanted to see Walter succeed in the end, which in his own right, he did.  Much like Walter White, is Rob Ford that underdog that many want to see come through this unscathed?

What has Rob Ford done?

I have been doing a lot of reading the past few days about Rob Ford and while he the allegations claim that he like to take a puff of da crack, many are applauding him for lowering taxes, introducing subway services into the Scarborough area and his win with union negotiations.   He is also a family guy, who will not attend the annual Gay Pride parade because of a family tradition of vacationing in Huntville, since he was a child, on that very weekend.

My Opinion on Rob Ford

While I’m not a political guru, I do believe that those representing us should be a role model to the highest extent.  By supporting any illegal action completely defies the rules of life that I was raised to believe.  For many of us in the blue collar world, we spend so much of our time doing good things, but when we make one wrong decision, we are often met with our demise and our reputation permanently scarred.  This should be the case for anyone who is leading Our country, our cities, and our future.

Fiction Will Always Be Fiction – Walter White Included

Yes, while I was a Breaking Bad addict who possibly routed for Walter White from time to time, I do want a leader who I can trust.   Despite all of the “good” Rob Ford may have done for Toronto residents, if the allegations are true, it is my considered opinion that he should never work again as a representative in Toronto or any other city in Canada.  He should no longer be authorized to lead or coach our future adults in sports or any recreational event until he has redeemed himself.

But first and foremost, he must be proven guilty as charged (which he hasn’t been as of yet).  It’ll be interesting how this all unfolds.

Share your thoughts on Rob Ford and the latest news in the comments below.

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