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In the British Panto tradition where audiences cheer the hero and boo the villain, Peter Pan boasts a winning combination of incredible musical numbers, slapstick comedy, outrageous costumes, audience participation, and of course, a dash of theatrical magic. You’ll be hooked!

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There is no better time to go see a play then the holiday season. Especially if you have young children.

Drayton Entertainment brings its inaugural season at Dunfield Theatre Cambridge to a close with the legendary adventures of Peter Pan. Theatregoers young and old are whisked away to Never Never Land in this traditional British panto that combines elements of fantasy, adventure, unforgettable characters, and plenty of comedy. 

This production of Peter Pan made me feel like a child again especially with the actors interaction with audience. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to where the audience felt connected with the actors and the story line of the play. I don’t remember there being any kind of musical numbers being involved in the actual movie production of Peter Pan, than again I haven’t watched the movie since I was 8.

I was quite surprised to hear that a girl was playing the role of Peter Pan and was quite disappointed UNTIL I actually realized that a grown man could never play a 12 year old boy. AJ Bridel was the perfect role of Peter Pan, her voice is simply marvelous and she is a brilliant actress.

I was really impressed with the children actors as well. They were focused and simply marvelous.

I really don’t want to give anything away because this show should and must be experienced by everyone. This is not only a show for children but it’s also for adults. Peter Pan is all about being young and this show certainly will feel like time is going backwards for sure.

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