‘Rock of Ages’ at the Centre in the Square, Kitchener Ontario

Ah the 80’s.  An era that should be well behind us, but with the sound of a song on the radio, our mind is driven to to a time of large hair, jean jackets, and headbands worn by both sexes.

Musical theatrical production Rock of Ages features the music of Journey, Foreigner and Whitesnake and the like entwined within a predictable love story, a hippie protester, and a money grubbing mongrel.

Written with by Chris D’Arienzo, Rock of Ages tells the story of Drew (DOMINIQUE SCOTT) , from Michigan, who sweeps the floors in a local L.A dive called the Bourbon Room.  His dream?  To be a famous guitarist.  Queue in small town girl, Sherrie (SHANNON MULLEN), whose dreams of fame and fortune takes her to L.A against her parent’s wishes.   Alas, they meet and it’s love at first sight.

Their love is not the only thing heating up when a greedy German real estate developer and his ever obedient son want to raze the Bourbon Room, and the rest of the Strip, to create incredible curb appeal resulting in more profit.   The Bourbon Room’s proprietor, Dennis, an aging pothead and rock and roller, develops a plan to save the club by hosting the farewell concert from the mega-band Arsenal, which got its start there.

At this point, a love triangle develops, protesters walk the strip, and a least expected turn of Sherrie working at a Gentleman’s Club.   All this as they perform tunes like ‘We Built This City’ and (of course) ‘Oh Sherrie’.

I was completely enamoured by the vocals of Arsenal lead singer, Stacee Jaxx, played by Judah Frank.   Overall, I enjoyed the energy of the cast in spite of the overly predictable storyline.

This was my first time attending The Centre in the Square for a theatre performance and was highly impressed with the seating plan (Rock of Ages had a huge sound area), the audio and acoustics.  I look forward to attending my next theatre performance at this location.

With the amount of sexual references, Rock of Ages is not recommended for children but highly recommended to those who just can’t escape the 80’s Rock and Roll.

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