We’ve just turned another page.  A new year has begun and many of us make the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle.  Few achieve this goal while others don’t.  I have been one of those people since 1994.

Life has always been good.  I bragged abouGoodLife Fitness Giveawayt how I was overweight but could run and still keep up with everyone around me.  Until I turned 40.   The aches started slowly, my ability to climb the stairs left me out of breath and embarrassed, and my first illness was revealed.  Yes, I had sleep apnea.

Over the holidays, I have been blessed with multiple levels degenerate disc disease along with a few herniated discs.  This week I have a series of tests to see why I have protein in my urine.  Hello diabetes?

Yes, my resolution for 2014 is a resolution that is no longer a WANT, it is a NEED.

Keeping it Simple

By keeping it simple, I plan on making small changes that will assist me in making the transition.  (I’ve always been an all or nothing type of person).   For those currently struggling at a young age with extra pound, please take note.  FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK!

This week I’ll be eliminating sugar from my coffee, the next week cream.  I will be taking brief walks and visiting my chiropractor for a tune-up every second day.

I will be going to GoodLife Fitness to work on some of the machines to revive some mobility through stretching and weights.   Yes, I know what I’m doing because I’ve done it so many times before.  I have been a GoodLife member in the past and I love its non-judgmental community and the support provided by the team and staff.

Your Better Starts Here Challenge

Don’t wait for diabetes, back problems, or sleep apnea sneak up on you.   I am encouraging my readers to join myself, by taking the GoodLife Fitness and SportChek- Your Better Starts Here Challenge , where you have the opportunity to win weekly prizes that includes up to $5,000 worth in GoodLife Fitness packages and $5,000 dollars worth of SportChek giftcards. Week by Week you are giving challenges and a Cheklist to help inspire you throughout 2014. Each time you complete a challenge you are entered to win the weekly and grand prizes. Visit the contest website to get started on Week 2 of the challenge!

Life’s a Blog Giveaway

As a bonus, until January 31st  you have the opportunity to win a GoodLife Fitness Swag Bag(including a one month membership to GoodLife, t-shirt and waterbottle) on my blog.  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below and get started on a better you for 2014!   Let’s work together in getting healthier this year.

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by GoodLife Fitness, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect GoodLife Fitness.

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