Las_Vegas_SkylineToday, no-one needs to go to land-based casinos any more. Wherever you live, as long as you can get online and gambling is legal in the area that you live, you can do some online casino gaming whenever you feel like it.

If you’ve not yet joined a casino site and don’t know where to start, you can find out more by looking at different casino review sites. Many sites now also offer a no-deposit bingo bonus, which means you get free casino credit to play games with when you sign up to a site, even before you put any of your own money in. This is often the best way to try out different sites, although many sites allow for free play of their games in demo mode – which is just as useful when you’re just having a first look.

But although you can find pretty much any casino games online, there’s still a huge amount of people who decide to make the trek to Las Vegas – the heart of the casino industry. If you’re heading there on a break, you might find this list of fact or fiction trivia an amusing and informative read.

1. There’s such a lack of water in Las Vegas that restaurant staff only bring water to tables on request.

True: It takes two glasses of water to clean every glass used, and residents in Las Vegas are also restricted on how much they water their lawns.

2. You won’t see a clock or window inside the Vegas casinos

Myth: Some Vegas casinos have a lot of natural light – Wynn is an example. It’s true that you won’t see many clocks, though.

3. Extra oxygen is pumped into the air conditioning system to keep people awake and gambling.

Myth: There’s no evidence that this is the case.

4. Carpets get changed often in Vegas casinos as some gamers won’t take a bathroom break.

True: Sadly, this is the case sometimes. Some people just let it go on the seat they’re sitting on, or on the rug. People who can’t take a bathroom break while gambling must be seriously addicted.

5. Slot machine payouts are decided by a man who watches the casino floor from above.

Myth: Casinos couldn’t get through state legislation if they had rigged machines. All slot machine payouts are decided by random number generator software, and that’s why the jackpots are random.

6. Famous for his reclusive behaviour, Howard Hughes is said to have lived out his last days on the top floor of the Desert Inn.

Myth: This story only came to light in recent years when the only person who claimed to have seen him said that they had seen him there all those years ago. Therefore it has to be treated as a myth and no more.

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