It’s just another venue and another amazing concert for Canadian group Hedley!   Hedley’s energy and vivaciousness, during their 2014 Wild Live Tour, stirred up a crowd of thousands at the Kitchener Auditorium on Thursday, February 27th.  Hedley is slated to hit all major cities across Canada this Spring with Canadian artists Danny Fernandes, JRDN, and Alyssa Reid.

Being Forty-One, the teenage girl in me surfaces every time the name Hedley comes up!  So attending this concert was a real treat on a cold winter’s night.  (Probably the coldest all Winter)

Alyssa Reid set the tone for the entire evening with an energetic beat and engaging the audience by beckoning them to light up their cell phones which created a really cool effect that I have never encountered before.   (Bye Bye Bic lighters!)

Alyssa Reid Wild Live 2014

The group JRDN was my favourite opening act.  With familiar tunes like, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Magic’, JRDN brought the audience to their feet.   I was amazed to see this montage of young Canadian talent. Their ability to coordinate a set, while keeping the momentum high was impressive to say the least.

JRDN Wild Live 2014

Then along came Danny.  Danny Fernandes has been in the industry for as long as I can remember.  While waiting for his act, I was informed by one of the attendants that his singing started at a very early age when he would perform in Portuguese clubs across Ontario.  This was my first time seeing Danny in concert and his amazing vocals, dance skills, and audience appeal was a great prelude to the main act.   (I also received a wink from him :))

Danny Fernandes Wild Live 2014

Queue in main act.   HEDLEY!  They started off with a curtained stage but within seconds of my entry in the photo section, the curtain came down and Jacob Hoggard was in full swing opening the show with new hit song ‘Anything’, followed by ‘One Life’.  Take note, Hedley is a very hard act to shoot because of Jacob.   From cell phone selfies with his front row fans, to his sporadic movements, one never knows where Jacob will be next.

Like most of their appearances, Hedley attracted a crowd of all age groups.  From grade school tots to adults, whether it’s the message or the energy, Hedley delivers whatever they need.   I attend many concerts throughout Southwestern Ontario and this concert is one not to be missed.   Get your tickets to the Wild Live Tour Dates at

Hedley Jacob Hoggard Wild Live 2014

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