Boots and Hearts fans beware!  As an advocate of the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival, I feel compelled to warn anyone looking for tickets to the sold out 3-day event that police have issued warning about online ticket scams circulating.

As with many sold out events, online fraudsters either advertise tickets for sale or respond to people who have placed ads in the search for tickets.    The most popular websites where these fraudsters prey are Kijiji and Craigslist.

Contact is often initiated through text message, phone calls or email where the victims are then talked into sending cash either electronically or through a third-party courier service.  The tickets are then promised to arrive via courier.  Victims will either receive nothing or fake tickets at their door.

2014 Boots and Hearts Ticket Information

At this time, no digital or hard tickets have been issue from Republic Live. Those who have purchased tickets received a confirmation of their purchase but will only receive their print-at-home tickets via email closer to the date of the event.

Tips for Buying Tickets Online

With any sold-out event, people driven to attend will stop at nothing to get their hands on tickets.   Here are a few tips to follow when purchasing anything online.

  • Always meet face to face to make the sale! Fraudsters frequently request deposits (or the full purchase price) and claim they will send the tickets over the mail or email.
  • When meeting locally, ensure that you meet at a location where the tickets can be verified.  If you are not meeting on the day of the event, be sure to have a contact number to verify the validity of the ticket before the exchange.
  • If they are pressing you for a quick sale, then run!  It’s probably a scam.
  • It’s always best to receive a hard ticket as E-tickets can easily be reproduced.  Remember, the first person scanned in with that ticket number is the only person who will receive entry.

As with anything online, please be careful and use caution when trying to purchase tickets to gain entry.  By following these simple tips, you can be sure that you either gain entry or keep your money where it belongs.  In your pocket and not the pocket of a fraudster.

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