Another fantastic movie created by Disney.  A movie about the truth of how Walt Disney (Tom Hanks)  and his attempts to obtain the screen rights to the novels of P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) who created Marie Poppins. He had made a promise to his daughters that he would do it. This is a dramatized story about the working process during the planning of the first adaption Mary Poppins in 1964 .

The movie depicts Mrs. Travers as a very controlling woman with determination that no animation was to be used.

She comes across a tyrant to work with and very uncompromising lady of strict English background.   I think you would of had to have the patience of God to work with her.

I did enjoy the flashbacks of her childhood during the movie which helped you understand what her novels were based on.

Of course there where some comical parts with her wry sense of humor. When Travers learns about the animation of penguins in the movie she quits the planning and stops the production.  She goes back to England as Disney tries to figure out what her problem really is.

He follows her and only after discovering the truth about her past and his confession of his difficult childhood are they able to compromise on the production of Marie Poppins.

Emma Thompson gives an outstanding performance and Tom Hanks is a outstanding Walt Disney.

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