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City and Colour performed at the Kitchener Auditorium on May 12, 2014.  Dallas Green was in full form vocally, looking good and clean shaved.

This was one of the most down to earth and relaxing shows I’ve ever been to. I’m used to crazy dancing and mosh pits shows . This was quite refreshing, because I’ve been to a few Alexisonfire shows and they were always crazy live. Obviously, you wouldn’t see any of that with City and Colour.

The performance and the effect of Dallas’s voice is still as stunning as always.  Actually, because everyone was in their seats, you really felt the music go through you, which is a great experience since Dallas’s voice can send chills through anybody. The way he hits certain notes is completely electrifying. One of the best voices of this generation.

His interaction with the audience was very personal and he has quite a sense of humour. He actually made a few references to JayZ getting beat up by his sister in law which is pretty funny since it’s just  fresh news.
I liked when the band left and it was just him on stage.  It was very fresh and real, as he connected with a few audience members when they yelled out.
Dallas made people take out their phone and put it in their pocket for one song, so they can actually live in the moment and not try to remember it as much. Which was really awesome that he did that.
Overall, I would recommend to see City and Colour when they come to your city.
Photos by: Trina Stewart

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