Recently, the laws have changed for smoking at bars/clubs here in Ontario. You are no longer allowed to go for a smoke outside with your drink and also eat and be able to smoke on the patio. Now, I understand the no smoking on the patio while others around you eat. Who wants to smell smoke while enjoying the outdoors and their food?

However, I don’t agree with the no smoking and drinking on the patio at a club or at a bar especially when no one around is eating food outdoors. The new law here in Ontario states that you have to smoke away from the property.
It was brought to my attention that this is a new problem for women who do smoke, they leave their drinks unattended to leave the bar/club to have a cigarette.
As a person who doesn’t care much if a person smokes or not, I (and other women) agree and feel as if this is a new way for women to be targeted as a victim of the date rape drug AKA Rohypnol (considering rapist don’t care if you smoke or not.)

Many young people don’t think of the consequences when leaving their drink unattended, especially when all they want to do is have a cigarette and continue to drink. They leave their drinks on the table or at the bar thinking nothing will happen.

Since becoming of age, I’ve been warned by multiple women to never let my drink unattended and I didn’t realize how big of a problem it was until a woman came up to me and gave me a lecture for leaving my drink when I went to use the washroom.
There are no laws that states you can’t bring your drink to the washroom with you. However, since the laws changed in January 2015 it states you can’t bring your drink with you for a smoke. As I previously stated that people, especially when  intoxicated, they don’t care about their drinks or think about them when they just want a cigarette thus bringing new possible fatal scenarios for women.

I’ve read over the laws and understand why they placed them. I understand that the new laws are to help and encourage people quit, protect people from exposure to second hand smoke, encourage young people never to start and to protect children also from the exposure from second hand smoke. However, the one new law I disagree with is the no smoking at bars or clubs. Since smoking is harmless when it’s at a bar late at night when others around you want to have a cigarette. Even if they made an area designated to smokers, there would be no harm. Addictions start and there is no way to stop someone from doing it. I believe there will never come a time where the world will be smoke free, at least not in my lifetime. I thought this would be a good idea to express my opinion on why this was a law that wasn’t well thought out. Who wants to chug their drink and just to have a cigarette? I know many will disagree with what I’m saying, however, I’m not saying everyone will be getting drugged, I just find this as a new way that could be fatal.
Smokings isn’t for everyone and if you’re thinking of quitting I encourage you completely. Its tough, but the outcome is rewarding for yourself and your health. But, if you are like most people who won’t budge when it comes to quitting, I believe that you would agree with what i’m saying.

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