OMG what a weekend.  Aside from the sweltering 40 degrees of heat, the amazing talent at Boots and Hearts 2016 kept everyone alive and happy.  I just can’t say cool….there was nothing cool about Boots and Hearts besides the talent.

Thursday night opening party featured a plethora of talent including Tebby, Emerson Drive, Meghan Patrick and Jake Owen.  Jack Owen was phenomenal.  I’ve never heard of this singer before but his energy had me swooning.   We all know how much I love fast moving photography.

Friday was much the same.  So much talent.  My friend Sharon and I were particularly fond of (and swooning) for Canadian Tim Hicks.  I was granted a photography pass for both Sam Hunt and Dierks Bentley.  I saw Dierks at Boots and Hearts 2013 and, since then, I’ve been a fan.  I was very privileged to get this opportunity.

Saturday was a shut up and cool down day for me.  We walked the grounds, returned to our site, had a good meal, took a few shots of tequila, and made our way down for Dean Brody and Blake Shelton.  My heart was set on seeing Alan Doyle, but holy heat Batman!

Due to Blake’s popularity on The Voice and his new romance with Gwen Stefani, I think he was the main headliner for the younger crowd.  I am not his biggest fan, but since Boots,  people have caught me making parodies of “She’s got a way with words” so often that I get told to shut up now.  No photo op for Blake.  Bummer.

I so enjoyed Sunday as we packed up our site and we were ready for home.  So hot!  My new found love Chase Rice performed, and I have to say that Jake Owens didn’t hold a candle to Chase and his band’s energy.   Canadian Jason Blaine keeps getting better and better every time I see him.

I finally got to see Diamond Rio.  I will withhold any memories of my past that goes with their songs, but many of them have meaning to me.

Unfortunately, I did not stay for Tim McGraw.  The lack of photo access (many others leaving), my swollen feet, and weary head told me that it was either time to unpack the tent or time to go home.  I chose to go home and find my extra comfortable pillow top mattress.

So was Boots and Hearts different for girls? I wouldn’t say so. The 5th Annual Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival was a success where everyone had a great time and could be themselves (or at least I hope so).   There were no major jerks on the grounds from what I could see.  Everyone was laughing and having a great time.   Cheers to Republic Live for another spectacular weekend!!

Even though, I left before Tim’s performance, I want to remind everyone.  Tis better to remember where you came from.  Always remember to smile.  Try to never hold a grudge or say an unkind word.    Always be humble and kind.  My favourite song.  Take a minute or two and enjoy the moment.

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