What to pack for Boots and Hearts is a question everyone has.  I have only missed one Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival since its inception, and I’ve become a pro at packing, as I have overpacked and underpacked.  Remember, there is NO Electricity and NO Fires allowed.  

What to Pack for Boots and Hearts 2019

  • A tent.  Well that’s obvious isn’t it?
  • Camping chairs or something to sit and relax on.  Make sure it’s comfy, because you’ll be standing a lot.  Check out this countrified comfy camping chair on Amazon.  
  • Large cooler – pack up your food and drinks in one easy cooler.  This is a great product that worked for me!  The Coleman 100QT Wheeled Xtreme guarantees you the pleasure of keeping food and drinks cold,  a place to put drinks, and an extra seating place if you meet some friends.  I kid you not.  I had to buy 2 extra bags of ice over four days.
  • If I was in general camping I’d be a little skeptical of bringing something of this value.  For those who love a hot meal, I recommend the Coleman NXT Standup Propane Grill.  Very easy to pack and with no picnic table, you’re able to BBQ without killing your back.  Propane container must not exceed 1 pound. Max (3) 1 pound containers per campsite
  • I also recommend a camping table of some sort.  I’ve seen plastic tables and picnic tables arrive on site.  I have a small table to prepare food.  I basically have a camp chair and wing it when it comes to eating.
  • Disposable plates and utensils.
  • Sleeping gear
  • Shelter for the sun beaming on your head.
  • A tarp for over your tent.
  • Raincoat – These ones are amazing for quick downpours
  • Camera (A Must!!)
  • A Power Bank.  I use this power bank and I also have a battery pack case from Amazon
  • Condoms (I hear that a few unexpected babies come 9 months after)
  • Garbage bags 
  • Water – always nice to have water for a quick clean up at your campsite.
  • Clear Water Bladder (empty) to bring into the festival grounds. STAY HYDRATED!!!
  • A hat and sunscreen
  • A Flashlight or lantern
  • First aid and sewing kit
  • Booster cables.  I drained my car battery 4 times a few years ago because I was charging phones and batteries.  (And if it doesn’t happen to you, you can help someone like me!). Save yourself from calling the Booster Cable people and paying $25.00.

Really, stick to this list and you won’t be lacking for much.  The first year, I brought everything but the kitchen sink.  Without a campfire or picnic table, you pretty much have to get creative.  Bring what you can.  Remember you must be out of the campgrounds by noon on Monday.  Follow these guidelines and you will be fine!

Food Ideas for Boots and Hearts

  • Snacks. Lot of them, especially if you spend a lot of time in the festival grounds.
  • Veggies cut up.  Great for a quick snack or roasting on a grill
  • Dips – always makes veggie eating more fun!
  • Cold cuts – great to whip up a sandwich on the go.
  • Chicken or steak for fajitas – if you’re up to the grilling challenge!
  • Fruit – I tend to eat a lot of fruit during my four-day getaway.
  • Salt, pepper and other condiments.
  • REMEMBER!  There are a lot of food vendors if you’re craving something hot but you don’t want to leave the grounds.
  • Drinks – remember the limit for alcohol is a maximum of two (2) bulk alcohol items per person. One (1) “Bulk alcohol” item is defined as:
    • One (1) case of 24 cans (no bottles) of beer or malt-based beverage (tall cans permitted)
    • One (1) bottle (26oz) plastic (no glass) bottle of liquor.
    • One (1) 4L box of wine (no glass).

These are my suggestions on what to pack for Boots and Hearts.  Please feel free to suggest additions to the list on Twitter or Facebook!

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