Wow, what a phenomenal performance by both Brett Kissell and Ben Chase, on February 15th, at London Music Hall. Brett’s Compass Tour has been travelling across Canada all year. It’s brought out amazing crowds in every location.

The concept of the Compass Project involved launching four distinct albums, each serving as an ode to a different region of the country, with unique narratives and insights from Kissel’s ten years in the music industry.

Initiated in 2023, The Compass Project unveiled its South Album first, proceeded by the releases of East Album, West Album, and concluded with the North Album.

This project represented a significant undertaking for Kissel and was complemented by a nationwide tour dubbed The Compass Tour.

Ben Chase, who resides in Nashville but hails from PEI, opened the evening with a variety of originals including, Saltwater Cowboy and In my Truck Girl.

Ben’s setup was amazing. He played his guitar, sang, played on the drum, as well as a harmonica. Such a talent. I can’t wait to see how far this young performer goes!

Brett, of course, opened his act with a ton of energy and continued throughout the night with songs including, ‘Make a Life Not a Living’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ (My Favourite Song), and his recent release, with Cooper Alan, ‘Two of Us’.

After three deaths last year (mother, father and ex-husband) and a hurtful breakup, getting back to concert photography brought me back to the days where I was a simple housewife coming home with an SD card full of photos to review was my little piece of happiness. Brett and Ben, you did an amazing job last night! There was tons of beer flowing, happy faces, and lots of dancing. Cheers to the two of you for bringing it to London!

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