I feel so liberated today, I could sing. Instead, I’ll get ready for a new job tomorrow.

Last week was brutal. This woman who replaced me has worked there since the end of time. She is a pro at my old job. I spent two grueling days with the biggest control freak on the face of this earth calling everything that I created “Stupid and ridiculous”. I just wanted out. I hated the job but I worked my ass off to accomplish the task of providing homeowners with the luxury of heating and cooling in their homes. It happened, customer’s are happy, and what right did she have insulting a process that essentially accomplished the task at the end of the day? The sales staff was paid their commissions, the installers worked and I made sure that both were also happy and cheered on. I’ve come to realize that I’m results driven opposed to process driven and that’s fine alright with me.

A person that desires to control and insult because they can push the paper well is ultimately a loser in the end. We all know what happens to control freaks. They are essentially driving themselves to a slow painful road of insanity. They bring it on themselves.

“Life is not planned, why does everything else in it have to be?”

I love the fact that I have one complete day totally to myself. I received my new Eat Clean Cookbook and quickly realized how commercial it has become. I’m still going to continue eating clean, but do it on my own. Agave Nectar or apple sauce, in place of sugar. Lots of whole grains eaten in combination with a protein. Of course, lots of veggies too!

So I’m sitting here with my hair covered in dye, my teeth with whitening strips on, and still in my pajamyas. The day certainly is going quickly. Yesterday, the day lasted forever. Perhaps it was simply due to the fact that my kids argued the whole day long. It was horrible and painful. I never realized that teenage years can be so stressful for parents.

My daughter woke up this morning and whined about having no jeans, the containers I put together for lunch wouldn’t fit in her bag and her hair just wasn’t so. By the time I had her in the car (which was late), I was so stressed out I felt I was on the brink of a meltdown. If there ever has been a drama queen, my daughter is it!!

My son is fairly easy going in the morning, but he’s greedy and sloppy. Greedy about food and stuff. As he’s eating, he’s asking if he can have this or that for Christmas. He is also very routine as he talks non-stop. However, piss him off and the sarcasm starts. He just doesn’t realize that he too does wrong!!! I don’t know what part of the family he got that from, but I don’t know how to change it either. Block headed!!!

So after I dropped them off, I breathe a sigh of relief. I remember the days where they would skip out of the car with a “Bye Mom, I love you and have a good day!” Those days are long gone.

I’ve put myself in a predicament with this new job. If I drive to Toronto, I will also have to endure the stress of getting to work which is almost right downtown. Grrr….added headaches and pain. However, I have done my research and it only seems apparant that I take the GO Train. It will alleviate the pain of traffic, enable me to have a 1/2 hour completely by myself, and it also allows me to walk to my job. Time alone and exercise; two highly required things in my life right now. I will not do it tomorrow, but I think I will definately start next week.

Well 12:30 and I must rinse my hair. Thereafter, I’m ready to go out and finalize my needs shopping for tomorrow. Here I come!!!

Till Next Time, Take Care,


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