Almost two years ago, I decided to finally read the book The Secret. As I read the book, I tried to get past the repetitiveness of “Like Brings Like” and “Negative brings Negative”. Although I agreed with the philosophy, I could not visualize it in its entirety. That is until I started listening to Wayne Dyer interviews this week.

He spoke many times about the Laws of Attraction but what was the most stimulating for myself was his explanation of energy. Wayne Dyer explained that when he visited the House where Anne Frank hid for over two years, there was still the energy of sadness and morbidity surrounding the place. However, when he visited the castle of St. Frances of Assai, a famous healer, he felt the energy of all the goodness and healing that took place inside those walls. Now, I have never been a world traveler to experience such an energy based on historical figures, but I could relate this to my life.

Throughout the years, my personal environment has been a rainbow of energy.

When money is tight, the children are whining and the house is dishevelled, the energy in my home is at it’s lowest. It’s almost unbearable to walk through the doors. The opposite has happened as well and those are the day’s where there is no place like home.

When our neighbourhood was harmonious and Friday night’s were a treat, the street quite possibly had an extra ray of sunlight due to good times and good friends. Our neighbours have drifted apart and the street has lost that ray of sunlight. It truly does entice a person to move at times.

When I took a chance and made a leap, my home was filled with positive energy. Shortly after, my world crumbled and I was unemployed. Recently, I’ve downsized my income and have been doing the most thankless jobs. The energy I have bestowed on my home makes me realize that I’m truly the magnetic force in making this house run harmoniously or not.

It is my considered opinion that The Secret isn’t just “Like brings Like”. The biggest question is how does one maintain this energy while the emotional changes of those around us and unforeseen situations change on a continuous basis? If prosperity and growth is all about positive energy, does one ignore the negative situations taking place around them if it does not direct involve them? Do we have to build a wall for self growth and prosperity?

Is Wayne Dyer and the writers of The Secret speaking specifically about career and money? After three failed marriages, I cannot see how Wayne Dyer is bringing a positive force into his relationships. Wayne Dyer worked hard on his philosophy and did what we all do to achieve success. Simply put, he worked hard on convincing people that he was a guru of the modern ages and in turn, someone listened.

Being the impatient person that I am, I wrote a letter to a possible opportunity the week before the holidays. I inquired about the status of their projects and whether or not they required any assistance. The holidays passed and the send/receive button was exhausted from my persistence to beckon a response. Last week, I start typing yet another letter to inquire. I thought about it for a minute and decided to close the window. I assured my inner self that if he could see that most people don’t see, he will respond. In fact, I told myself this statement “Trina, you are good. You are too good for what you are doing now. One of these days, you will have it all figured out. The path of success is still not within your reach. Someone will listen sooner or later.” I forgot about it for the time being.

Low and behold, I’m going out for dinner on Tuesday night with that very person!

What will come of it? Who knows, but I’ve made a conscious decision to surround myself with positive energy and be the “Too Good” Person that I convinced myself of being last week. Of course, I do not intend on presenting myself in a pompous fashion. That is just not me. Historically, I’ve been known a time or two to use the word “Can’t” which led me on a whirlwind of downward spirals. Well this is my year to say “Hell Yes, I can do it!”

So at the end of the day, yes energy has a lot to do with our will to be the best or worst that we can be. However, taking chances, being patient, and having someone listen is the true measure of success in any given situation. Relationships start with a chance “hello”, relationships move forward by being patient, and having four ears’ in a relationship instead of two, keeps it stronger and moving forward.

That of course, is just my opinion.

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