Well this month has been quite troublesome but exhilarating. I’ve been working on my way of thinking and continuing my journey of soul searching.

My month started off with the I Can Do It Toronto Conference where I volunteered. The person who really inspired me was Caroline Myss. Thanks to my friend Trevor for recommending me to attend her seminar. I perceived her as a cranky opinionated individual, however, it was quite the opposite. She’s truth, she’s factual, and she knows what she’s talking about.

However, after listening to all of her podcasts from 2006 to date, I needed to continue on this journey. I chose Wayne Dyer as my second spiritual coach to follow. I have learned more from him than truly anyone else in my whole life.

Did you know that Native Americans consider the Turtle as the most spiritual animal? The reason being is that they are always home where ever they are. I just loved that phrase. Be at home where ever you are. Taking it further, if you don’t feel at home, why are you there?

This 70 year old man, who has been diagnosed with leukemia does Yoga every day for an hour, meditates for a minimum an hour a day, and swims in the ocean with the sea turtles for over an hour as well. His way of thinking about his disease is that of peace. His body will leave this earth the same way as it arrived….when it is ready.

Well in light of these two powerful forces, I have changed my way of thinking and I have allowed nothing but goodness to flow through my mind. The moments of negativity, chaos, and deception happen at the right moment with a message if I’m listening. I used to wake up in the morning and think “God, I’ve woken up another day only to go to a rotten job with a mountain of bills on my back.” Today, nothing’s really changed but I wake up and say “Today is a gift and I invite all the goodness that comes to me.” Sounds corny right? Well……….

The past few months, great things have happened. I have understood that it is better to listen than to judge. I wrote a blog on breastfeeding and I welcomed other’s opinion’s with open arms. Instead of being steadfast on my opinion (which normally happens) and angry over other’s thoughts (which sometimes happen when I’m adamant), I sent them love and appreciated their opinions as their very own. We all live in a world where are perceptions differ.

I’ve been provided so many opportunities that I’m trying to piece it together as a message or a sign. I made my first television appearance on CTV, I won Sex and the City Tickets, I was accepted (after two years of applying) to volunteer at the Toronto Film Festival, was offered the opportunity to be in the company with Down with Webster, and I just won a weight loss and maintenance program with Herbal One. On the downside, I was offered the opportunity to experience the death of my very dear friend who was so much like me. Overweight, a dreamer, a smart man and a person who held back on their dreams because of fear. It was truly an eyeopener and I so value the friendship I had with him from beginning to end.

My own body has sent me signs. My feet have troubles walking (time to lose weight), my head is cloudy with so many thoughts (time to step back and relax), and my muscles ache (from travelling distances to get to a job I dislike). If health sends us a sign then it’s time to listen if we want to live a long happy life. Stop doing what you’re doing, because it isn’t working!!!

Most people work themselves sick for the holy dollar, only to ignore the signs and die an early life. What is wrong with apartment living or a small home if that’s what gives you a clear and healthy mind and soul?

So what do I gather despite it sounding completely absurd? I know that my weight loss requires accountability for success, smoking is a horrible habit, my writing is my passion, and I love movies and music. So I must slowly piece this altogether in my own way.

Herbal One, the prize that I won, is a typical weight loss program. Big bucks out and weight loss. We all know that weight loss maintenance isn’t that simple. I think that’s why we have the term “Mind, Body, and Soul”. If one is out of sync, the other two will gradually follow.

So I set my intention today of sharing the soulful insights that I gain through this journey of soul searching. I will take on the challenge of Herbal One and blog about my weight loss to you and 91.5 The Beat (the radio station where I won this opportunity). I have also set an intention (thank you Wayne Dyer) to clear my mind of dreadful substances. Smoking, drinking, overeating, caffeine only clogs the brain from being the best that we can be. Albeit small steps is required for my highly addictive personality, I’m going to do it. However, I’m going to blog daily whether it be a long speech or a few sentences.

I want to understand my journey just as much as I want to share it with you. I just won’t tell you my starting weight…the rest I’m an open book (ha ha)

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