This weekend I took my daughter and her best friend to WhamBam 2010.  It was a phenomenal show.  Thanks to Kiss FM 92.5, the girl’s met their favorite group, Down with Webster, received an autograph from Adam Lambert, and rocked out with Kardinal Official, Spouse, Aleesia, & Fe Fe Dobson to name a few.

Roz Weston, from Kiss FM and ET Canada was so cordial to his fans.  Not to mention, he is HOT, HOT, HOT.

Mocha Frap, who we miss dearly in Kitchener, will go so far in his life.  He’s especially hot in my eyes, he’s personable, and knows how to get a crowd hopping!  They are the Ying and Yang of one another, but their diverse personalities makes for a very good morning show.   They are quite the team and after secretly watching them, they make a perfect match!

Ya gotta love, Kid Raptor.  What more can I say?  He’s such a cutie and a real performer!  He strolled around the Amphitheatre while everyone oogled over his cuteness.

Kardinal Official was by far my favourite performer.  I love his style, his music and now, the way he performs.   He can get the crowd jumping!  I was dancing all by myself in the side lines (my children were Down with Webster) and looked at a young girl standing beside me and said “Sorry, but no matter what your age, you gotta dance when this guy sings!!!”

Adam Lambert’s performance was beyond amazing.  Far better than at the MMVA’s.  He’s wholesome and grounded but a fabulous performer once he gets on stage.

There was also a surprise American Idol performance from Allison Iraheta  in the AMEX Lounge.  She was a fabulous singer.  The girl’s really enjoyed this intimate performance.  

I was able to enjoy the show and meet other ladies my age in the AMEX Lounge.  I will definitely return to the Molson Amphitheatre with the girl’s again……I’m the type of person that if I’m alone, I can make my own fun!  This venue gave me that opportunity.  Here we are, a bunch of middle age ladies, partying it up with Down with Webster.  I had the group convinced that Adam Lambert would appear for Allison’s performance. Why not support his fellow American Idol?   I was dead….wrong!

After attending the Beat Rocks the Block last year and this year’s WHAM BAM, I have now decided to get out of the renovation industry and aggressively look for opportunities to provide fun and free spirited living to teenagers and adults. Life is just way too serious.
This summer I intend on taking the girl’s to as many shows as humanly possible, with a 0 balance bank account and high debt.  You don’t have to spend a lot to have fun.  My tickets to WhamBam was $40.00.  Had I not joined the ladies in the AMEX Lounge, my day would have been incredibly cheap!

I really can’t believe how few people open up their schedules to have a little fun and excitement!

When I asked a few friends to join me, they were inundated with sporting events and obligations, that truly should be finished for the summer months.

Life is meant for living and summer is here to be sporadic and enjoy the things that come to us to feel great and young again!

Thank you Mocha, Roz, Randy Chase, Adam, Kappy, Bucky, Spouse…and my personal fave Kardinal Official for a wonderful day!!!

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