Blog Entry #1 – 2010 Toronto Film Festival

2008 – TIFF

Well here I am again, anxiously awaiting the start of the Toronto Film Festival 2010.  This year it’s different, as my employment does not offer me the luxuries that we’ve come accustomed to.  As well, I’m working for individuals who clearly do not understand the meaning of “gracious employer”.  In light of the stress, I’m fifteen pounds heavier and carrying a heavier load on my shoulder’s financially.  Yep, emotional eater is definitely a trademark.  Poor Girl is another.

But will that stop me from attending the best venue of the year?  Not a chance!!  I am going to the Toronto International Film Festival 2010 with bells on…..sans the diamonds.

My first experience with TIFF started off as a Sunday Afternoon, three years ago, with nothing to do.  My daughter and I ventured downtown Toronto to see what all the commotion was about TIFF.  We were mesmerized by all of the celebrities roaming the streets and I fell in love with Bloor.   Upon my return to Cambridge, I perused the TIFF website and submitted a contest entry with Bell.  Fortunately, I won a gala premiere to “Pride and Glory”. 

TIFF 2009

That was the venue that changed my perspective on film.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the director as he brought his baby to the Festival.   You felt his pride as we listened about his trials and tribulations of launching the film. 

Last year, it was a little more swankier.  I did apply to volunteer at TIFF, but was not approved, much to my dismay.  I wanted to experience it ALL.

We did not attend any films, as my daughter, who was fourteen, was not at all interested in seeing movies.  She chose MOD (Much Music) to see Drew Barrymore (I wasn’t allowed in because of my age??).  We watched for celebrities, drank Starbucks, hoped to see Oprah or a Jonas Bros, chatted with Donald Sutherland as he nonchalantly smoked cigars on a local patio, and then we returned to our hotel at the Harbourfront Castle. 

This year, I am proud to say that I was selected to volunteer.  I will not divulge anymore information than that because of the Code of Ethics that I agreed to follow.  I landed a wonderful room on Marine Parade Drive, and we intend to streetcar and subway our way through the weekend.  I going to work hard to obtain a few movie passes.  I will go after work to view them alone.  Most of all, I intend to make this annual Mother/Daughter event as memorable as I can on a poor woman’s budget. 

The pedicures and facials are taking place in my bathroom.  I hope that am afforded the time to dye my hair and do my nails between now and Thursday night.  (Back to school can be a little disruptive, as well as commuting daily from Cambridge to Toronto).  I’m ready either way.  I am going to tweet my way across Bloor, drink a beer at Hemmingway’s, and stroll down towards the TIFF Bell Lighbox Building and enjoy the festivities. 

I can’t wait!  Yes, I know that anyone can enjoy TIFF on a budget.  I do what I can to get the things I desire in life.  So far so good, for TIFF.  I have a beautiful room, I will work to see some films, and I have a few bucks to spare.

We may not be the A-Lister’s that TIFF generally brings in, nor may I look like them or have their pocket book.  However, with my daughter beside me, I feel like I have it all……without the money or the spa pedicure.

I don’t give in…I just accept it for what it is!

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