As I watched an episode of Sex and the City last night about judgement, I realized that so many people these days are “Just being honest” where in fact, they are passing judgement on another. Something no one in this world has any right doing. If we accept our friends for who they are, then why must we judge their every day quirks that we do not view as unacceptable according to our standards?

Seriously, we all pass judgement on others based on our beliefs, but is it really necessary? I do it at times and I’ve come to realize, that my belief system, during my journey of self growth, is now skewed. I still believe that we are free to be ourselves, but I not believe that it should be at the expense of another’s sorrow. I believe that even though I’m married with children, my personal growth should never revolve around one of those individuals. However, with that thought in mind, I’d die for any of them. Essentially, I came into this earth at the precise moment I was supposed to and I will leave the same way. I have every right to make my own decisions in between and not allow other’s beliefs thwart me in the middle.

Judgement…is a huge word. Someone said to me the other night “Perhaps you should research the next company that you decide to work for before taking the job. Most of the recent one’s have been a flop.” I agreed wholeheartedly until I thought about it. I’ve taken these jobs based on my terms, on a part time, temporary basis (in my mind). Yes, they have been flops, but hell, they have been experiences. Each and every place, I’ve made a friend learned even more about people. I have bigger goals in mind but it will happen at the time is supposed to happen.

So really taking these shitty jobs wasn’t a waste of my time. It’s my life’s course and it will change as I’m now in the most judgemental and insecure environment imaginable. This place is spewing with insecurity. I think I’m almost ready to put it all together and make my mark.

As I was listening to Wayne Dyer this week, I realized that even passing judgement on our children isn’t right. Our children came into this world with their own personalities and goals. We have them on borrowed time. Their dharma is essentially their choice after we guide them through the trials and tribulations of childhood. So GO Christina!! GO Brandon!! I love you.

I’ve heard the term and used the term “I’m just being honest” often. It’s actually hurtful, cruel, and not being a true friend. It’s taking pleasure in another’s faults and being the commentator of what’s really wrong with them. For example, I know that I’m fat and wouldn’t dare to ask anyone their opinion on it. However, aside from being fat, I’m a wonderful person, a great friend, a hard worker, not prejudicial against cultures and sexual orientation, loving, caring, and a good mother. So does being fat, trump all of the great qualities? Of course not!!! You’d have to be the biggest asshole in the world to judge me based on my external looks. So…why be honest about it because essentially it will hurt me…. and hurting me, is not being a friend. If your pompousness is so high, instead of answering…..just stop being a friend.

Judgement…it is my considered opinion that is better left to the judge at the end of my life. I think living life and “Just being honest” on our own actions “is the best route in life. I am no better than you as we all came from the same place and will return to the same place.

Judgement is perpendicular to assuming…it only makes as “ass” out of “U” and “ME”.

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