There is something life changing when you follow the life of a drug addict.   When we talk about the fork in the road, the fork happens often.  However, in a drug addict’s life, the fork is always visible.  Choose the road to rehabilitation or eventually die.

He started doing drugs at the age of 15.  After he was offered an opportunity to play on Teen Canada in Norway.  He was a genius in school and superstar on the ice.

My brother was found dead, at age 36, from methadone poisoning. He chose a life on the streets despite coming from a middle class family.  He died in Hamilton, Ontario on May 21, 1999.

Yes, he was a drug addict, he had a good heart and soul. I wish more people would stop and realize that this is a powerful disease that strikes the rich, famous, poor and intelligent.

  • The only thing I can advocate to parent’s is to be your child’s friend.
  • Listen and take interest in their soul and worldly desires…not just the life you want them to live.
  • Don’t force them to do things because of societal expectations.
  • Don’t make life so competitive and complicated.
  • Teach them that no matter how different they are, they were born to be themselves.

There’s too much prescription drug abuse across North America.  We see too many teens on anti-depressants and mood altering drugs provided from their general practitioner.

The madness must stop.

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