In My Rearview Mirror
Written by: Trina Stewart
In my Rearview Mirror, I see my girl waving goodbye;
Dancing with her friends as the bell rings nearby.
Blonde, brown eyes, with spirit galore;
In my Rearview Mirror, when you were four.
In my Rearview Mirror, I worry and pray;
that you’re safe in God’s hands while I am away.
The dangers surrounding; a parent’s greatest fear;
I silently sigh and wish I was near.
In my Rearview Mirror, I see a girl solumn and sad;
walking in haste and always so mad.
As I drive away, I say a quiet prayer.
In my rearview mirror, I wish I was there.
In my Rearview Mirror, I see a true beauty;
I give you encouragement because it’s my duty.
“Nothing’s wrong” so she says, but I don’t believe.
“Mom, leave me alone” as I silently grieve.
In my Rearview Mirror, I see determined and strong;
a beautiful young lady, wanting to belong.
Your spirit and grace is different than most;
Your courage and strength, I loudly boast.
Though people may laugh and shun you at times.
Take faith my dear, because you’ll always shine.
In my Rearview Mirror, the sun beams through;
I’ll always be watching and will always love you.
Love Mom

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