As neurotic as my previous blog posts have been about bullying, it has been cathartic.  It has guided me in healing.  It has assisted me to speak the truth; my truth.

I firmly believe everyone has something to share with the world.  Why else would we be put on earth?  The chaotic lifestyle we all live doesn’t allow us the luxury of truly exploring the opportunities of what we are meant to do.  Some of us settle and accept the fact that we are on this earth to work and provide, while others want more.

I have been off work for about a month now and it’s been a wonderful experience to just be alone, in the present.  Sure, I’ve had my share of worries and sleepless nights over my children and money.  When all is said and done, we are still together, we are still trying, and we are still climbing.  I also have a wonderful husband who is working like a son of a gun to allow me to explore my options and to rediscover my children again after a grueling year of travelling 1100 km a week.

I have realized something a long time ago BUT today’s the day to sit down and start doing more of it.   I want to write.  As grammatically incorrect I am, I have a lot to say and share.  I do not want to write about the how to’s because every situation is always different no matter how many times we read it.  i want to write from my heart and my experiences.  I feel like I’m sometimes the main character of a movie who teaches the lessons, displays the moral, and walks away with a smile on her face.  Every little thing in my life, I want to share.  I am not narcissistic, but I do believe that if I have a story to tell and if it can help one person out of the ten who read it, then my job is done for the day.

Thank goodness for the Internet where I can share these insights for free.  Who knows where it can take me!  The skies the limit and I’m welcoming anything that comes my way.

I may not be Oprah’s half sister, but I truly feel she has been my kinetic energy when it comes to living from the heart.  So here I go, this neurotic 37 year old woman whose lived through so much in life and continues to do so.  Wish me luck!

Til Next Time!

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